Foxes Undone At Tottenham | Tottenham Hotspur 3 Leicester City 1 | Premier League Highlights

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  1. I am sure that Rogers and Leicester double focused in this game. We could have played well in this game, but on the other hand, we were also thingking of 2nd leg conference league against Roma…

  2. ,,Leicester,, has a good chance to take the 8-th place.Rivals are easy excert ,,Chelsea,, B. Rodgers …,,Leicester,, fan

  3. I’m just disappointed in this entire season. Seemed like the defense was horrible and nothing was done to light a fire under these boys. Maybe a coaching change is in order after the season? Where do they go from here?

  4. If Sonshine were a white guy, absolutely no doubt that he would be treated at his highest position as he actually deserves! What a pity it is!

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