Watford 1-2 Burnley | Cork & Brownhill Send Away End Into Limbs! | Premier League

Highlights from Burnley’s Premier League fixture against Watford.

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  1. Never thought after Dyche sacked the team's spirit would still on and improving. Magnificent! Hope you survive, you will deserve it!

  2. Seriously, how do they even manage to do all this ?
    Burnley are really special you just never count them out they won't go down without a fight

  3. Come on Burnley! Battle hard the next 4 games.

    Like so very many people, I really, really want Everton or Leeds to go down.

    You have some tough games, but 7 points from the last 12 might just do it for you.

    Keep going, battle on.

  4. The fighting spirit, the desire, belief & willingness to win of Burnley is second to none. They are not the technically gifted squad but they have a big heart nothing beats belief.

  5. As a 20yrs Liverpool, i support Burnley cos of their energetic n passionate playing style btn players compared w that of Everton

  6. Nice work Burnley I’m an Arsenal fan but I’ve been rooting for this club to avoid relegation and it’s working so far we just need Everton to lose and then we’ll be good💯

  7. I'm an Arsenal fan but i really love watching Burnley games, i never miss any game. They have the best team spirit in the league… Every Burnley attack is scaryyyyyy!!!! 🔥🔥 Up the Clarets 💪💪

  8. What is with this Burnley team?? they have the lowest budget in premier league and yet they don't get relegated 🤔🤣🤣🤣

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