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In this video, James Allcott puts forward a player from every premier league club who meed a transfer in the summer transfer window.

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  1. Kurt Zouma was one of our best players this season. It obviously didn’t faze Moyes as he played him straight after the problem

  2. I understand why people feel this way, but Junior Firpo should not be sold by Leeds coz of the squad depth. I'd rather sell Tyler Roberts, but you can also make an argument for Raphinha at the right price since he's likely leaving anyway.

  3. As a WHU fan, little disappointed the one you chose was one who has already announced he’s leaving on a free 😂

  4. On West Ham… mental. No West Ham fan, Moyes or the club wants to see zouma leave the club. No chance he goes despite the PR OG. He’s the best CB we’ve had in years and I hope to see him at WH for 5 years plus.

  5. true, under new ownership with a new vision we need to be more brutal with our decisions and get rid when players aren't good enough to compete anymore, and Almiron is a weak link in the squad, however, towards the end of last season he put in some of his best ever performances in the black and white, and on a list that includes the likes of Dwight Gayle, Jeff Hendrick, Matt Ritchie and Karl darlow, he's not the priority sell imo.

  6. 1. Lukaku- too expensive to keep around if Tuchel prefers Havertz. Good striker though imo
    2. Almiron- he's so underrated! Was one of our better players in the last few months despite the lack of concrete output, did get very unlucky sometimes as well.
    3. Gayle, Hendrick or Clark- Gayle and Clark were serviceable Championship servants and thank them forever for their contributions but we need to move on now.

  7. i hope bournemouth dont let go of mepham personally love the lad and think he can get in the team and we need the depth regardless. I think Jack stacey is on his way out which also seems a little harsh think hes a good player maybe not ready for the prem.

  8. Right – Lukaku. The man doesn't wanna be there. His teammates other than Ziyech don't seem to want him there. The fans don't want him there. I'd hate to give him back to Inter on such a steal, but he doesn't seem to want anything else, and no one else seems to be asking. Maybe a Barca if the Bayern board continue to be terrible and anti player

    Wrong – Everton. I doubt you'll get any suitors for a player like Coleman. I reckon they try and ship DCL into Arsenal before they go too deep into the Jesus basket, because you'll need the money if you wanna do anything in the summer. Or get out some of the players whom just don't need to be there. There's a fair few. Unless there is a takeover and money is not an issue anymore.

    Missed opportunity – West Ham. I reckon of their wingers could use a change of scenery.

  9. Would love Coleman at Celtic mostly because he's a Donegal man but sadly he wouldn't get near the side with Juranovic and Ralston being the right back options.

  10. Coleman shouldn definetely not come to Celtic haha, i really like him but he wouldn't displace Juranovic in a million years and honestly Ralston had a stormer of a season so I don't think Coleman would even get on the bench.

  11. I want some of whatever James smoked before filming this video. To be clear I mean his energy, not his opinions haha

  12. Right: Ox. Doesn't have a place in the squad anymore tbh. Wrong: Lukaku. You cannot give up on him like that straight away after this fee. There's a whole pre-season to refine the style of play and refresh things which Chelsea kind of need, and you can get him involved in that – I think Chelsea would do really well with a 2-striker system with Havertz as an AM. Missed out: Malang Sarr. Sell and keep funding the defensive overhaul. Just isn't good enough for Chelsea tbh

  13. West ham one is horrendous. Zouma was arguably one of our best players when fit last season and is miles better than Diop. Both him and Aguerd will hopefully contribute to more clean sheets.

  14. Embarrassing out of all the players Newcastle need to get rid of you mention 1 of the players that was consistently better since Howe arrived. Miggy has already shown this week internationally what ability he has. Don't be a casual football fan like this guy

  15. As for Newcastle, I would pick Ryan Fraser over* Almiron. Fraser gets knocked off the ball way too easily and often, and towards the end of the season, you could clearly see Almiron playing well and acclimatizing to Howe's tactics. Yes his stats don't paint the rosiest picture but his overall game has started showing some effects, enough for me to keep him over Fraser

  16. james: lyle taylor didn't contribute much to the promotion season

    taylors goals against bristol away: are we a joke to you?

  17. Sanson has actually looked really good whenever he’s played. Injuries have fucked him. Strong technically, high energy, good at pressing…First game that comes to mind was when he was our best player against Chelsea in the cup for 45 minutes, which is basically a summary of his Villa career

  18. U got Leno wrong he needs to stay as second choice from a selfish point of view but he is to good to be a second choice keeper so u got it right and nketia needs to go

  19. I think Jensen is a good player he’s a very strong option from the bench but just doesn’t suit Franks premier league playstyle. He has the style to dominate in Italy but maybe not the prem, I think he’s good cover tho

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