West Ham 1-5 Newcastle | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights as West Ham hosted Newcastle in the Premier League.

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40 comentarios

  1. My god. I’ve held off of this but don’t blame Dave. But same time why isn’t Ben playing more! Why ain’t mubama called up. Local boys from the area. Brought up through academy and actually care and real hot on it. Coufal over Ben really?!? When Coufal cost us so much last season. And Ben plays and is amazing and who neves got a ban over. Mark speak up please! I hope someone from West Ham sees this. Money is money but love is love. Like cress. He may be north west and a scouse but he’s claret and blue. Use people who care and we have the academy with people who care like we have with them. We took Decky when chelsea told him to fuck off. He most probably will go and can’t blame him. But he’s the same. We can’t give him what he deserves but Jesus Christ let’s use the talent there is and it ain’t the ones we spend money on but ones who are claret and blue. One love. Over land and sea. E13 massive. Can prove it with nobes, I lived round corner to him, went school with him and he picked us cause he loved us and we have had the best next to Bobby and saved us so many times. Proof is in the pudding. West Ham massive

  2. All what you can hear from uk comentators is sensational sensational sensational sensationa sensational sen… 😩

  3. Come on time to get Ange from Celtic or play your 18s squad!!!if you’re coached tactics aren’t working try something else are you not professional footballers??if you’re tactics work it makes it easier to sack the goddam out of age coach the game has changed too much for the ol’geezers get ANGE

  4. Newcastle absolutely ruthless!!….. Those long balls by Trippier and Bruno absolutely demolished hammers defense

  5. Aye the hammers a great club ! Rocking stadium. Toon fan. Hope taaaaa Fuk they win the conference. Bring it home taaa Fuk ya hammers ❤

  6. West Ham seem to avoid deep criticism like spurs do, yet Spurs are pushing for champions league places and West Ham are in a relegation fight.
    Shows the size of the clubs and the expectations I guess…

  7. I mean I know it sounds ludicrous to try and defend the lads after losing 5-1 at home BUT 2 of the goals were just from individual defensive mistakes so if we had just cut them out then it's only 3-1 and it looks a BIT more respectable for us so it's actually NOT as bad as it looks on the scoreboard.

    Also, if other key moments went differently then the whole game could have been different too.
    For example, if that Bruno clearance goes in to the net in the first minute instead of hitting the post then WE'D have been 1-0 up n it's a different game.
    Or if Joelinton WAS offside for their second goal then it's still only 1-0 and we stay in the game.
    I could go on too actually, but yeah you can see my point.
    Yes the scoreline looks awful BUT we didn't actually play THAT badly and they didn't actually play THAT well, it's literally just a couple of individual defensive mistakes so if we can just cut them out against Fulham on Saturday then I think we might stand a chance #COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  8. I love Joelinton, such a warrior of a player! Having him out there you always have chance of winning no matter how bad the odds.

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