Bournemouth 0-4 West Ham | Fornals Scorpion Kick Secures Hammers Victory | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights from West Ham’s Premier League trip to Bournemouth.

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Camiseta Valencia CF 2ª Equipación 2019/2020 Niño maillot de foot personnalisé

45 comentarios

  1. this season we are getting better, hopefully in the future we will get some trophies, let's go ⚒️ 🔥

  2. What a performance this was!
    To score 4 away is remarkable really considering the fact that we couldn't hit a barn door away just a few weeks ago
    And the goals as well!
    Obviously Pablo's will be spoken about the most and rightly so because that is a ridiculous finish but the other 3 goals were really good too!
    We're coming into a bit of form at just the right time it seems, hopefully it'll continue for the rest of the season now meaning we finish 12th and win the conference league, which I would actually class as a decent season tbf #COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  3. I think West Ham will win the Conference League & will qualify for Europe i.e. Europa League that way for next season!!

  4. Good good
    Kings guard want to fight West Ham Utd
    If they’re standing outside the palace fence he belongs to West Ham Utd football club
    Now when making your decision it helps to know Kings Guard are a fucking snooker club whereas I have the nations mist expensive nuclear weapons on my computer at Audley End House
    Kings guard they’re going back inside the fence right?
    Prince of the British empire

  5. This is what i was expecting from this west ham team from the start but they took long to gel together better late than never i guess

  6. goal of the year at the end and i'm not a westham fan
    crazy goal
    that's what the game we love is all about
    what a brilliat finish

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