Extended Highlights | West Ham 1-2 Liverpool | Premier League Highlights

Watch the extended highlights as the Hammers hosted Liverpool at the London Stadium.

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32 comentarios

  1. Gakpo is going to be some player next year for Liverpool he’s just got that something about him very classy on the turn and can glide past players as if they are not there great piece of business by Liverpool no wonder ten hagg wanted him at Old Trafford knew what he is capable of has a attacking player

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  3. Even if I am not a liverpool nor a Westham fan respect to your match good luck on your premier league championship

  4. lol they said it touched the hand but they did not mention how many times……..bounced on that shit like a basketball more like 5 handballs in less than a second

  5. why isnt that a handball? I mean, even as a liverpool fan, that certainly looked like a handball…if it didnt hit the hand i think Ings would have got that ball

  6. I think on a different day with a different referee, we could probably have won this game
    Because that Bowen goal would have stood and they'd have given that handball too so it could have been 3-2 to us but you know it is what it is, it's gone against us again so we have to accept it and move on n just hope it goes FOR us against Palace tomorrow #COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  7. As a liverpool fans im not sure that was not handball,idk about the rules of handball,but its unfair i think when the reffere not looking for var. ihope theres no scandals issue

  8. For west ham supporterts btw km not a west ham supporterts but i just want to tell that why thers no penalty because west ham players push thiago to tuch the ball.if dont believe me watch the replay of penalty

  9. If that hand ball had been committed by any other team, VAR would have at least looked at it. We all know that VAR is managed by ex players from LFC but it's about time they were called out on it by the PL. It's gone too far!!!!!

  10. I re watched the 2nd goal. Nobody was marking either Matip or Virgil. They should have been marked by the tallest players in squad. Nayef, Zouma, Rice, soucek, and Antonio. Not Benrahma!! We really need to improve in corner kicks.

  11. ليفربول الحكام كالعادة ضربة جزاء واضحة الحكم لم يصفر عنها ومويس المهرج كالعادة فريق يسير في طريق الصحيح راح قام بي تغيير بن رحمة اخطر مهاجم وأشرك الفاشل كورني لوكان بن رحمة في لقطة كورني لكانت خطيرة ضيعها كورني بي سهولة مويس 🤮🤮

  12. How is this team not Top 10?? I'm not a WHU fan nor watch WHU games but you would think a team (with Bowen, Benhrama, Paqueta, Aguerd, Antonio, Rice and much more) would atleast be 8th in the PL and at least Top 4 in any other league… This team only needs a defensive reinforcement to rivalize against up-and-coming PL threats like Newcastle and Brighton

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