A Brighton Fan arrives from the Future…

A Brighton fan arrives from the future! The year is 1997 and it’s Brighton and Hove Albions biggest football match in their history. They need a draw minimum against Hereford United to stay in the Football League. Anything else would mean relegation and extinction from football. Fast forward 26 years and Brighton have been in the Premier League for 6 years, finished in the top 6 last season and are now playing in the UEFA Europa League. It’s been quite the journey for Brighton fans. In this video, a Brighton fan arrives from 2023 and travels back to 1997…how will the 1997 fan react to everything that has happened to Brighton in the next 26 years?
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  1. Its so strange my hometown (sortof) club is doing so well right now. First game of professional football I watched was against Burnley and we had 2 players sent off in the first 12. Such an eventful experience and I've been a fan ever since. I never had the chance to witness the club almost dissolving, but im so glad it didn't

  2. As a Brighton fan who's lived all of this you could say, we've come a long, long way together.

    I have to praise you @nathanconnortv

  3. You should do a greek fan arrives from the future during the start of the 2004 uefa euro and tell his past self about Greece's run

  4. Just When all The Good stuff was starting Then The 2023 Version of The Brighton Fan

    It all got bad again YIPEE 😂😂😂😂

  5. If you would have a time machine would it even matter if he died in 2 days? You could always visit him in the past and take him into the future whenever u want

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