What happened in the Premier League 22/23 ?

Tell me what’s your most memorable scene this season

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  1. Enzo is a great midfielder, but pay him 180M. I think it was an economic maneuver that I don't know about and it made the player the focus of everyone. It is not Messi at 23 years old. They ask him to score goals, save penalties and make great passes… naaaaaaaaa

  2. Hilarious 😂 😃! Klopp making eyes 👀 🤣 at Bellingham, Enzo ruing his future, Arsenal being humiliated as pygmies. Fantastic stuff 👏 👌 👍 🙌

  3. amazing stuff, amigo, top notch! i;m glad u don't limit urself and let ur imagination spread its wings and fly, keep it up and thank you

  4. Kane wanna go. But daniel levy wants her stay more 😂 in spurs.
    Enzo from future, regret sign in chelsea. But herself ready sign in 😂🤣

  5. That’s not fair to describe Newcastle as money team cause they didn’t spend it like others clubs (Chelsea, United, city) they got money but use it wisely that’s why they win

  6. I knew it was a mistake that Enzo left Benfica for Chelsea. Chelsea was on a downfall already and i knew he would be receiving end of the hate. He should have waited for another team. But apparently, i was "the hater that didn't want him in a big six".

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