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  1. So… Chelsea learn from their mistakes…. and don't sign anyone. They just get rid of the holiday buys. Oh no, hang on… They've just done the same thing again 🤣🤣

  2. Funny how this guy has short memories when his own club with a substantially smaller UK fanbase than spurs? A club that was irrelevant and not even competing in the top divisions for many decades until the year 2000 of which they have had thier most successful era? Even in 2023 still a smaller less successful club than Chelsea tells us how poor of a past city had between their existence until 2011!

  3. Mate do you remember last season we beat Arsenal at the Emirates and then we drew the match to Nottingham forest.Everybody thought we bottled the title.
    Later Arsenal lost to Nottingham forest to earn the tag of 'bottlers'.
    Karma is real 😂

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