RETHINKING my 2023/24 Premier League Predictions

I made some predictions and I want to look at them again. The main man: @jamieslev Links to my setups (affiliate) Studio Setup …

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  1. LFC defense is still a massive issue and if we get ANY injuries we are screwed. Gomez is crap… Matip is old.. Robbo is losing it.. Konate can't stay on the field… I think 4th is good but if we get any injuries then top 4 is a stretch… But to say United is above LFC is moronic at best.. this clown needs to just stop talking.

  2. As a villa fan i can say ypu guys are completely wrong. Weve lost to Liverpool and Newcastle both at there home stadiums. Newcastle first game of the season big injury two days before the game and during it so 5-1 was a blip them days happen and we lost to a Liverpool team who are expected to challenge city this season 🤷‍♂️. If you take those two games out and include conference league weve played 5 scored 18 conceded 2. We still have a number of players to return from injury there no reason villa shouldnt be pushing top 7

  3. wimbledon guys take on liverpool doesn't make sense at all. Klopp has managed to navigate a whole new midfield and a bunch of unavailable players through four games the first game of the season away at stamford bridge and two games going down to 10 men, one being away at st james and come out with 10/12 points (13/15 points now after beating wolves). The team is only going to improve and begin to gel even more as the season progresses so whats gonna happen when they're playing better football? gonna be a lot of 5+ goal wins especially since they have the best attack in the league in terms of amount of quality. Klopp is also far and away more capable/experienced than any other manager except pep in navigating his team through top four runs/title runs

  4. This guy is delusional. And Lawrence is declining, fast.

    Pool will mount a title challenge and others won't be anywhere near the two. Get it in your head. What sport are you watching?

  5. Who is this guy on the left? Obviously everyone's entitled to their own opinion but he is absolutely clueless, which made it a boring watch, was looking forward to this but new guy ruined it. Literally sounds like one of those biased football twitter virgins who sprout nonesense for engagement. Goldbridge has 10x better ball knowledge than whoever that is. Isn't the point of the video to revisit your PL predictions which were made BEFORE the season started, and assess them with new information based on how teams have actually played? You'd think this video was filmed months ago before Liverpool had even kicked a ball. I honestly don't think this guy watches football.

  6. Liverpool had a terrible season but they are the only team and manager capable of challenging Man City and the only ones to have done it. I never thought they would finish less than 2nd this season.

    Arsenal are slightly overrated imo, Newcastle hugely overachieved with the quality of their squad, United are dross and Spurs are Spurs.

  7. I feel Arsenal and Liverpool are both equally in that mix behind City, Man U are a hot mess, I think them down to Brightown are pretty much any order, Literally LFC and Arsenal way closer together than anyone else and City. That is the top two tiers, City by themselves, both based on previous years and predicted (you gotta beat the champs) and then LFC and Arsenal. (They have a chance Tier).

  8. I was with you until the Liverpool slander…that's such a bad take it retrospectively rendered all your previous views irrelevant too

  9. Apologies Mr McKenna, you have awesome hair, but with your movement and your end oscillating off your shoulders, it's really trippy. 🥴🥴🥴

  10. I think currently Liverpool is the only team able to challange city( if they lucky with injuries). Arsenal really good, but I think it is a bit early for them, and I think brighton will be the surprise fourth. Spurs is a little bit of a dark horse, maybe they will be the biggest surprise, but I think they will struggle against better teams.
    United is a mess, Chelsea will drop too much points until they sort out their attack , Villa will struggle defensively, Newcastle will be too tired. These teams are far behind the other 5

  11. the way it's going for man utd, the loss of Antony, probably for the rest of the season, I think that will impact the team massively. Liverpool will recruit in January, Andre will come in and Thiago will leave, maybe even this week as the Turkish window is open until tomorrow I think. Spurs are gonna be the surprise team this season, Ange has gotten them to play good football

  12. Total crap sounds like u in love with the Gunners how can u pick them to win the league ?learn nothing from last year did ya ? Never mind u cop it where the sun don’t shine this time problem is u may enjoy it haha go the spurs thumbs down to your show it’s crap

  13. Hey guys middle class boy is re thinking 🤭 oh shit what we going to do! His brain is about to combust. Man he’s so intelligent. A footballing genius is he!

    Watch his body language. The over exaggerated head movements expressions touching of the hair! 😂🤣😂 What’s this a shampoo hair advert!


  14. This video is jokes, anyone can just spout opinions on video and proclaim to know what they're talkign about. These two clowns have very little idea and clearly only watch MOTD.

  15. If Liverpool are going to be successful, we NEED Joe Gomez and Jarrel Quannsah to play amazing games becasue with Ibou's injury tendencies both are going to get a few select appearances that will be difference makers.

  16. Hmmmm – you have more confidence in Ten Haag than Klopp? That’s an alternative universe reality there. Liverpool have the best goalkeeper in the league, depth at striker and midfield is now looking like a strength. They can absolutely win the league!

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